Life's Episodes

Life’s Episodes is a personal blog owned by a “lioness” as she refers to herself. Her goal is to inspire millions through her life’s experiences and some others on how to rise above life’s diverse challenges. Her blog posts are real life experiences.

We’re a big fan at WebQuest of Life’s Episodes posts not only are they humorous, you end up a learning a thing or two.

Life’s Episodes blog is like a comical side of life…be inspired!

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Being new on the web, Life’s Episodes wanted a receptive site where visitors could easily interact with the site. Her request was for a design that was distinct from free themes that were common with bloggers. Images and colours were a priority and should resonate with fun, hospitality and inspiration.

Project Scope

  • Design a Unique Mobile Responsive Blog
  • Content Management System
  • Social Media Pages
  • Social Media Marketing

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